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31 Mar 2010

foto sexsi tesa

foto sexsi ayu anjani

Full Name: Ayu Anjani
Nickname: Ayu Anjani
TTL: Bandung, December 11, 1990
Father Name: Saraswanto
Name of Mother: A Widianingsih
Child to: 1 in 5 children
Hobbies: Sing, Jalan roads, shopping.
Last Education: Kindergarten Darmawangsa Bandung, SDN Karya Mulya Grades 1-3 Bandung, SDN in class bekasi 4-6, SMPN 1 Cikarang, high school home schooling
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Hobbies: Bite your nails, swimming
Favorite colors: Black, white, blue, pink
Favourite Film: Korean Film
Favorite music: Pop Rock, R & B, Hip Hop, Disco Dangdut
Favorite Food: Fried Rice
Favorite Drink: Water, Milk Shake
Hang Out Place Favorites: Citos, PIM
Height: 168
Weight: 52
Shoe Size: 38-39
Shirt Size: M / L
Pants Size: 28-29
Bra Size: 36 B

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foto aura kasih
foto sexsi aura kasih
foto aura kasih sexsi

foto foto aura kasih
hot foto aura kasih

Sanny Aura Syahrani
Bandung, February 23, 1988

Sanny Aura Syahrani or better known as singer Aura Kasih is a newcomer in Indonesian music scene. Dara was born in Bandung, February 23, 1988 released their debut album, ANGELS teaser in 2008. Miss Indonesia 2007 finalist representing the provinces of Lampung is to favor the song Let Me Love You on her first album. This song is known for its singles dance-hall.

Apart Let Me Love You, another song that is in his album Love is a Treasure, Almalbis Song, Memory, Long Distance, For the Love, Currency Basket, Between Us, to Top of Asmara, and Love the Dead.

julia estelle,julia estelle wallpaper,foto sexsi  julia estelle

Julie Estelle

Jakarta, January 4, 1989

Julie Estelle was born in Jakarta, January 4, 1989. Career Julie, so called normal, starting from a photo model and then spread to the big screen movie. As a photo model, the appearance of Julie 'hottest' is now appearing in the Indonesian version of Playboy magazine.

The emergence of a magazine that has the adult market, inviting controversial until now. One of them, Julie must be dragged and participate inspected on a complaint of a socio-religious organization.

jenifer dun,foto jenifer dun,foto sexsi jenifer dun

Jennifer Dunn
Jakarta, October 10, 1989

Jennifer Dunn was the commercials and soap operas players born in Jakarta, 10 October 1989. His name is becoming known through HE soap operas and soap opera followed successful AND THE NAME OF LOVE.

Jennifer in the course of his career ever tripped over drug cases, where the host is found in the car evidence in the form of hand-rolled marijuana. As a result of cases that occurred in 2005, making this tattoo lover actress then had a break from its activities in the entertainment world.

nana mirdad,wallpaper nana mirdad,foto sexsi nana mirdad

Nana Mirdad beautiful artist who was born in Jakarta, March 14, 1985 was an Indonesian soap opera actor. He was the first daughter of celebrity couple Jamal Mirdad and Lydia Kandou.

he has the full name of Natasha Hanna Maria Mirdad or familiar with Nana Mirdad, At the age of the young soap star this EARLY MARRIAGE, married to soap opera actor Andrew White on 13 May 2006. On Saturday, December 30, 2006 and the couple has endowed a baby boy.

30 Mar 2010

wulan guritno,wulan,guritno,wallpaper wulan guritno,foto sexsi wulan guritno


Full Name: Wulan Lorraine Guritno
Nickname: Wulan Guritno
TTL: London, 14 April 1980
Last Education: Taliaconti London Academy of Theatre Art
Zodiac: Aries
Height: 168 cm
Hobbies: Shopping, Street along Shaloom
Favorite book: The Famous
Favorite movie: The Famous
Favorite Music: The Famous
Favorite TV Show: Simple, Fun, and educated

soap operas and TV dramas

• 3 1 / 2 Women
• What My Heart Words
• When tomorrow comes (FTV)
• Borobudur
• Said Tinular
• Love Contract
• From Temen So Demen
• Between Two Sides
• Forbidden Love
• Where I'm Here (FTV)
• Two Hearts Converge
• World Without Coma
• Two Love Elegy
• Gara-Gara Kat Allen
• Honorary
• I name Thy Name
• Regardless of the Dream (FTV)
• Compassionate
• Creatures of Midnight (FTV)
• Mama
• Love
• Mystery of Volcano
• Mystery Pair of Hearts (FTV)
• Prince Betawi
• Pondok Indah 1
• Love Aisha
• enamored


• Janji Joni (2005)
• Gie (2005)
• Pursue Jakarta (2005)
• Naga Bonar (So) 2 (2007)
• Sister N (2007)
• Auto (2008)
• Love (2008)


• Italian League Highlights
• Lega Calcio
• BCA Gebyar
• World Cup-Tainment
• Euro
• Formula 1 Highlights
• League 2007
• Four Eyes Sahur

advertising model

• Moistra
• Explorade
• Public service ads on Bird Flu
• Public service ads on Dengue Fever

• Moistra
• Explorade

Model Video clips
• Samson
• ST 12

shiren sungkar,shiren sungkar wallpaper,foto sexsi shiren sungkar

Shireen Sungkar Bios

Name: Shireen Sungkar
Education: High School TRIGUNA JAKARTA
TTL: Jakarta, 28 January 1992
Father Name: Mark Sungkar
Mother Name: Fenny Bauty
Brother: Zaskia Sungkar, Joseph


* Mermaid
* Women Persecuted
* Not Myself
* Wulan
* Legend eps: monkey Kasarung
* Cinta Fitri Season 1-3
* Doo Bee Doo
* Annie

Model Video Clips:

* Guardian - dik

sherina ,foto sherina ,foto sexsi sherina munaf

Sherina Munaf (Sherwood) was born in Bandung on June 11, 1990. Before entering the world of recording, Sherina has won several singing competitions. Sherwood also studied singing at the Community Art Voice (Biss) Elfa upbringing and Uci Nurul (personnel Elfa's Singer).

sandra dewi,wallpaper sandra dewifoto sexsi sandra dewi


Full Name: Monica Nichole Sandra Dewi Gunawan (Basri)
TTL: Louth - Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, 08 August 1983
Parents Name: Andreas Gunawan Basri and Catharina Erliani
Brother: Kartika Dewi, Raymond Gunawan
Height: 168cm
Weight: 48 kg
Favorite Song: A Whole New World (Aladdin Theme Song) Favorite Movie: Animation Walt Disney: Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White
Favorite Food: Japanese, Korean Food, and Indonesia


Beautiful love soap operas
Sinetron jameelah
Sinetron Eagle


Quickie Express

Miss Enchanteur 2002
West Jakarta Tourism Ambassador
Fun Fearless Female of 2006, Runner-up
Favorite Newcomer Actress IMA 2008
2008 anti-drug ambassadors
National Film Icons hai 2008 version of the magazine poll
Indonesia sweetheart star versitabloid 2008
The most marketable artist's 2008 version of tabloid star
Artist terfaforit anniversary version of the insert 2008
The most friendly magazine celebrity oops 2008
Artist's 2008 version of the magazine's most shining stars

ratu felisa,wallpaper ratu felisafoto sexsi ratu felisa

Full Name: Ratu Felisha Renatya
Nickname: Ratu Felisha
TTL: Jakarta, October 16, 1982
Father Name: Tuba Ari Yasin
Name of Mother: Freya Rekardini
Name of Child: Dasha Godiva (adoption)
Last Education: Faculty of Communication, University Dr Moestopo (Religious) Jakarta
Zodiac: Libra
Favorite colors: Pink, blue and beige


I Kiss
Sweet 17
There is a baby in high school
Kuntilanak Want More?
Hantu Jeruk Purut Virgin
Love Forever

The Indra-6
Si Cecelia
Women Village
Love child
The gift of your
Anak Cucu Adam
Hicks Pe'ak
Habibi And Habibiah
Princess Yang Wasted
Hate Me Love
Love Supreme
Dream Guy
Promise Jaya 2
Munajah Love

Soap Claudia (1999)
Loreal Elselve

Femina face 2001 champion Favorites
Miss Indonesia 1994

nia ramadani,foto sexsi nia ramadani,wallpaper nia ramadani

Nia Ramadhani was born in Jakarta, 16 April 1990, began his career in acting (soap operas) since the age of 15 years. Serial soap star ONION GARLIC is quickly known to the public and his name was so popular, so many producers who ask him to play in a variety of teen soap operas.

Nafa Urbach,Indria Nafa Urbach,foto Indria Nafa Urbach

Indria Nafa Urbach

Place of Birth Magelang
Date of Birth 1980-09-19
Virgo zodiac
Work Model, singer, actress sinetron

nadia vega,foto sexsi nadia vega,wallpaper nadia vega

Nadia Vega
Pekanbaru, December 12, 1987

Nadia Vega Vega familiarly called by his name, was born in Pekanbaru, December 12, 1987. He is known as a singer, film star and movie star.

In between the soap opera that starred include ABC & D, is this the taste, divided FIVE LOVE, LOVE ONE HUNDRED DAYS, and others. As for FTV, Vega has starred Singh and OH NO LOVE THE PENCENAYANG.

foto sexsi nabila syakib

Nabila Syakieb Bios:

Full name: Nabila Syakieb
Place & date of birth: Bogor, November 18, 1985
Zodiac: Scorpio
Education: University of Paramadina, majoring in Communication Studies
Achievements & awards: Champion 1999 Cover Girl
Favorite color: Pink
Music: F4
Favorite Books: Novels, Comics .., .. what aja dech
Favorite Movies: My Own Times Sinetron yach ... duh including nasis ga yach!
Favorite TV Shows: X-tra Vaganza, ....

foto sexsi mulan

Garut, West Java, August 23, 1982
Wulansari at the beginning of its appearance with the Queen is known as Ratu Mulan Kwok or Mulan. After leaving the Queen, Mulan joined the Republic of Love Artist Management (RCMA) is commanded by Ahmad Dhani, Maia Estianty husband. Mulan Kwok was turned into Mulan Jameela

masayu,foto masayu,masayu wallpaper

Anastasia Masayu
(Born January 19, 1984, age 26 years)
Indonesia is a model and actress. Soap opera starring a woman who was 160 cm tall, among other

* Kiss I (2004)
* Forever (2007)
* Marriage Contract (2008)

Soap operas

* Promise Heart
* Do not Say Love
* ABG 1 & 2
* A drop of dew
* Prestige Gede-Gedean
* The Ferns 2
* Doiku Beken
* Gift
* Matches Fire Girl
* Request Toyib Married
* I Should Die
* Laila
* Is this Love
* Love Pink
* I'm Not Him
* [[Pussy anasatasia]


* Love 117Kg
* Love Go 50 (Joint Calvin Ray)
* Boss I Love My Boss Malang (Joint Vino Bastian)
* Taxi Driver Fall In Love (With Mike Lewis)
* Your husband My husband is also (Joint Adam Jordan)
* Juleha Suddenly Rich (Joint Ibnu Jamil)


* Fresh & Natural (2003)
* Mie Sedap (2004)
* Biore (2005)
* Buavita (2005)
* Panasonic (2005)
* HERS Protex (2006)
* Wall's Corneto (2006)

marshanda,marshanda wallpaper ,foto sexsi marshanda

Popular Name: Marshanda
Other Names: Marshanda
Real Name: Adriana Marshanda
Place of Birth: Jakarta
Date of Birth: 1989-08-10
Zodiac: Leo
Occupation: Singer, actress sinetron


* Angel.
* Angel 2.
* Eyes My soul My family.
* Sad story on Sunday.
* Love Story in Schools.
* Love Story in Schools II.
* Adam and Eve.
* Sweet and dear.


* Princess The Wasted.
* Hate Me Love.
* Door Hidayah.
* Maha Kasih.
* Love Supreme.


* English Language Education.
* The Adventures of 100 hours.


* Compilation Album.
* God I love.
* Best Of Female Idol.
* Broken Heart.
* Broken Heart Vol.002.
* Now and Forever.
* Twelve Best Islamic Song
* Angel.
* Marshanda.

luna,luna maya,foto sexsi luna maya luna maya wallpaper

Full Name: Luna Maya
TTL: Denpasar, Bali, 26 August 1983
Last Education: University of Paramadina, majoring in International Relations
Zodik: Virgo
Height: 173 cm

* 30 Day Love (2004)
* Brownies (2005)
* Ward 13 (2005)
* Love Silver (2005)
* Expedition Madewa (2006)
* Space (2006)
* Jakarta Undercover (2006)
* Message From Heaven (2006)
* Chocolate Strawberries (2007)
* Maya, Raya, Daya (LUX Short Movie) (2007)
* Love (2008)
* In The Name Of Love (2008)
* Cinlok (2008)
* Asmara Two Diana (2009)
* Widow Flower (2009)
* Queen Kostmopolitan (2010)

Soap operas
* Here Bersemi First Love
* Is this It
* Flattered 6
* And
* You and I (2004)
* There is Love
* Do not Fear Heart
* Secret (2005)
* The World Without Coma (2006)
* Anggun (2007)
* Light Heaven
* Sujudku (2007)
* Flower Heart Keladi
* End of Love (Drama Malaysia) (2007-2008)
* Yasmin (2008)
* Goddess (2009)
* Love And Grace (2009-2010)
* Pak Dhe (Not Online)

Video clips
* 2000 - Models in VK Sheila On 7: True
* 2004 - Models in VK Ello: Wherever After Our Story
* 2004 - Models in VK Ressa Herlambang: Sacred Love
* 2005 - Models in VK Barry Manilow: The Story Romantic
* 2005 - Models in VK Barry Manilow: You Are My Everything
* 2007 - Models in VK Naff: When All Must Ended
* 2007 - Models in VK Joey Ayala: Hanging On
* 2007 - Models in VC Maia: EGP
* 2008 - Models in VK ST12: PUSPA
* 2008 - Singing in VK with Dewi Sandra and Sandra Dewi: Play
* 2009 - Models and Backing Vocals on VK Olga Syahputra: Destroyed My Heart
* 2009 - Models in VK Shinobi: Buddy
* 2009 - Models in VK Pillar: You
* 2009 - Models in Matera VK: I Still Love You
* 2009 - Models and singing in his own VC: Voice (I Wish) Featuring Dide "Green Leaves"
* 2009 - Models and singing in his own VK: Towards SurgaMu
* 2010 - Model in the video "sea of fire" with Ariel Peterpan

TV Programs
* RCTI Cinema Cinema (2005)
* Extravaganza Trans TV (2007-2009)
* It's time we Sahur Trans TV (2007-2008)
Shift 2 * OB RCTI (2009)
* Powerful RCTI (2008-present)
* Fierce Sahur RCTI (2009)
* Republic of Love Midnite TPI (2009)
* Relax Together quiz Yuk (2009)
* The Promoter Trans TV (2009-present)
* Studio 1 (New Extravaganza) Trans TV (2010)

* Play feat. Dewi Sandra & Sandra Dewi (Indonesian Theme Song for Euro 2008) (2008)
* Sound (Kuberharap) feat. Dide Green Leaf (OST Widow Flower) (2009)
* Towards SurgaMu (2009)

* Silverqueen
* McDonald's
* Gudang Garam Merah
* Impressions
* Cussons Imperial Leather
* Batik Keris
* Sunsilk Silky Straight (2005)
* LUX (2006-present)
* Zestea (2006)
* Holisticare ester C
* Harpers Bazaar (2007)
* Mrs. Cream Detergent (2007-present)
* Sarimi soto Koya (2007)
* Astro Aruna (2007)
* My Green Oil (2008)
* Kapanlagi.com (2008)
* XL (2008-2010)
* Astro Xpresi Channel Id (2008)
* Bata Shoe (2008-present)
* Toshiba Notebook (2008-present)
* Toshiba REGZA (2008-present)
* Vitalong C (2009-present)
* Tora Bika Okay! (2009-present)
* MiGelas (2010)
* Makarizo (2010)
* Suzuki APV Arena (2010-Soon)

* Cinema Cinema (2005) - RCTI
* Indonesian Film Festival 2006 - Indosiar
* Indonesian Movie Awards 2007 - RCTI
* Anugerah Music Indonesia (AMI Award) 2008 - RCTI
* HUT RCTI to 19 - RCTI (2008)
* L-Men Hunt Final 2008 - RCTI
* Global TV 6th Anniversary 2008 - Global TV
* Powerful - RCTI (2008-present)
* Indonesian Movie Awards 2009 - RCTI
* HUT RCTI to 20 - RCTI (2009)
* TRANS All Star New Year 2010 - Trans TV
* Idol 3 (guest host) - RCTI
* The Best Mega Concert January 2010 - RCTI
* Concert 2010 World Cup 'Your Idol' - RCTI
* Mega Concert February Loving 2010 - RCTI
* 10,000 New Generation Family Appreciation Night (Honda Freed) - Trans TV (2010)
* Indonesian Movie Awards 2010 - RCTI
* Indonesia Kids' Choice Awards 2010 - Global TV
* OBAMA, We Come! - RCTI (2010)

leoni,foto leoni,leoni wallpaper
leoni,foto leoni,leoni wallpaper

leoni born in Jakarta, 20 September 1987
Leoni is present at a press conference Indonesia Movie Awards (IMA) 2010 at The Sultan Hotel

foto nirina uii

trantri kotak

Tanti Syalindri Ichlasari
Tangerang, August 9, 1989

Tangerang, August 9, 1989, real name lady rocker Syalindri Ichlasari Tanti is starting a music career of a band from Jakarta Ares, one of the finalist bands event held by one private television station, THE DREAM BAND that was held in 2004.

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